In home dog grooming services. Please call with your location.

I have a portable grooming table and all the equipment for grooming. All I ask of you is an electrical outlet, tub or sink with spray attachment and a place to set up that is convenient in your home. Full clean up leaving only a freshly groomed pet behind.

Special consideration for rescues. My pleasure to help out rescued dogs, puppies.

Please call for a free consultation & feel free to send pictures.

Hi, I'm
Ann Marie Heffron
an animal groomer certified in dog grooming & styling.

Welcome to No Curlers, Please Dog Groom & Styling.

Animal portraits and other art requests. Charcoal, Acrylic or
Oil paintings.

Please call with your ideas.

No Curlers, Please Dog Groom and Styling by Ann Marie Heffron was established to offer in home grooming for the comfort of your dog.

Animal Behavior College Certified Pet Groomer

I am an Honor graduate of Animal Behavior College having graduated on February 2015. During my studies for the year I volunteered at my Veterinarians office washing and drying dogs and observing his Groomer groom the animals. Prior to my externship to fulfill my studies I had the experience of grooming a dozen dogs in their homes and my Vet gave me the compliment of allowing me to groom his beautiful dog at his Veterinary Hospital.

I attended a full externship and upon graduating I kept the idea and plan to continue in home dog grooming for you and your Dog's convenience. Very special care for rescues. As you will see in the Gallery pictures, a Maltese. He was matted on all legs and from his mid section back. All mats were removed and the remaining hair was scissored as smooth as was possible. Further face and feet as well as body work is to be continued as his hair grows out.

I do the grooming because I love it. Continued study of styles and techniques with a passion for scissoring work.

I hope you will enjoy my services that are tailored for your individual and uniquely special dog.

Main Services

  • Full Grooming
  • Bath, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Nail trimming and smoothing( Drexel or file)
  • Blow dry, scissor, clipping and styling.
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Ann Marie Heffron

"I do the grooming because I love it."

Pricing is tailored to your Dog's needs. General pricing includes,

  • Teacup size at 5 lbs. and less starting at 35.00
  • Small starting at 45.00, poodle, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie
  • Medium at 55.00
  • Large and larger sizes dependent on coat

Main Services

  • Full Grooming including full brush out, detangle, mat removal.
  • Bath and fully dry.
  • Body clipping/shaping and/or scissoring.
  • Face styled with clippers and/or scissors.
  • Nails trimmed and shaped.
  • Ears cleaned.

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